In honor of Lyna Jane Bryant

Today I am remembering Lyna Jane Bryant.

Mrs. Bryant is featured in a story in my book, The People of the Sign. Her inclusion in the chapter titled A Little Help from My Friends was never in doubt, because she was a big help to me in an unexpected way.

The story is the centerpiece of the section titled And Your Bird Can Sing, which in a book with music as a cornerstone is another indication of how important her seemingly minor contribution was to my life.  The short story is indicative of who she was, to those of us who had the pleasure to get to know her as a teacher, and to how her gentle grace and kind spirit touched those lucky enough to have connected with her, however briefly.

I learned only a couple of days ago that she had been diagnosed with Liver cancer, and by the time I had autographed and mailed a copy of my book to her, with a tab marking her story, along with my comments about her part in my journey, she was already gone.

So I add my portion of grief at learning of her passing, along with prayers, love, sympathy and condolences to her family.

You made a difference, Mrs. Bryant.  You are remembered, and you are missed.

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